On 10th January we received a very special guest in our school, Susana Militão, our former student, who came to an English class to speak with the students about her enriching experience as a volunteer. The classes involved, 10 C and 10 E, participated actively in this session by asking a lot of questions and showing their great interest in this theme.

She started by telling the audience about all her valuable volunteering experience along the years since she was a high school student. At first, Susana did it as a part-time activity in our country and in other European countries but nowadays, she has given up her regular job and she is doing it full-time. 

After having volunteered in several countries, she decided to travel farther and is currently in Dakha, the capital city of Bangladesh, working for Maria Cristina Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Maria Conceicao in 2005, a Portuguese woman, who also gave up her career as an air-hostess to become a humanitarian activist.

The foundation has been effectively breaking the chains of inter-generation cycles of poverty through education in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They invite the children and adults to a whole new level of dreams being turned into reality one step at a time, aiming to provide them with the best education there is, so as to groom them to face the competitive world and truly help them achieve their dreams.

To indulge in such a rewarding experience is something that will, no doubt, transform the way you see the world and give you the opportunity to change someone´s life forever! Think about it and maybe one day you'll tell us about your own experience!

If you want to know more about this foundation you can have a look at and learn "How to donate?"


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